Every water supply and distribution system loses some of the water it transports.  These losses include leakage from tanks and pipes, theft, measurement errors and overflows from reservoirs and cisterns. These losses take more water out of the natural environment than is necessary, often causing environmental damage and depriving others of the use of that water, especially in times of drought. Losses are a waste of operating expenditure and a potential loss of revenue, but they can also put the security of supply at risk. Loss reduction is often the cheapest and quickest way to restore security of supply.

There are many ways to control water losses, but selecting the right solution is rarely simple.

TMC works with other specialists to help organisations select the right solutions to their water loss and leakage problems.  This help includes:

  • Setting practical and economic targets for water losses and leakage
  • Training in leakage management, the economics of leakage control and leakage measurement 
  • Selecting the optimum combination of activities to reduce losses and leakage at the least cost
  • Design of pressure management schemes
  • Modelling leakage and water loss processes
  • Developing  long term leakage and water loss management plans
  • Investigations and research into the remaining unknowns in leakage and loss measurement and management